Comfort Ratings

A sleeping bag comfort rating is a reference guide to the range of temperatures in which you will still be comfortable in your bedding.

Many variables contribute to comfort level including:

  • what you’ve eaten that day  
  • how warm or dry you are when you get in the bag  
  • the surface your sleeping bag is on  
  • your metabolism  
  • what the chill factor is  
  • whether you use a sleeping bag liner  
  • what clothes you are wearing when you’re sleeping
  • what type of shelter you’re sleeping in

Choosing the best bag for the job comes down to the type of environment you’ll be encountering the most. Domex sleeping bag comfort ratings use a dual comfort approach, a comfort rating, and a lower comfort rating, to guide you in making the right choice for your next outdoor adventure.

Lower comfort rating

If you’re used to spending nights in cold environments such as the New Zealand bush or alpine regions, the lower temperature rating is what you should consider when choosing your bag. At this temperature, you should be wearing a decent base layer of clothing and an insulated jacket to remain comfortable.

High comfort rating

At this temperature, if you’re wearing a quality base layer of clothing you should have a comfortable night’s sleep and not wake up feeling cold.

These temperature ratings should be treated as a guide only. Warmth is subjective and can be influenced by many factors outlined above.