Halo Pinnacle

Top of the range bag for users who demand maximum warmth

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NEW Thermalayer Range

100% Hollow-core Polyester. Lightweight thermal base layer perfect for winter.

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Domex Liners

For additional warmth and cleanliness.

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Designed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders

Domex NZ sleeping bags have been tried, tested, and proven in local conditions since 1979.

Our diverse and changeable climate means Kiwis use a range of sleeping bags able to accommodate everything from sub-tropical sleepouts to below-freezing hillside bivouacs. 

New Zealand temperatures might be changeable, but you can always rely on a Domex NZ sleeping bag. 

Domex proudly caters to all physiques for all occasions. From school camp to hunting in the harshest conditions Mother Nature can throw at you, Domex has a comfortable sleeping bag for your next overnight adventure.

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Product Spotlight

Domex Halo

The Domex Halo was designed with input from Greg Duley (NZ Hunter Adventures) to be a light weight, compact down bag that is capable of being warm above the snowline in the Southern Alps. The upgraded Halo 2 is light weight (standard size weighs only 1.05kg), yet features an impressive lower comfort rating of -10°C.

If you are going above the treeline or feel the cold, step up to our Halo Pinnacle with a lower comfort rating at -17°C. For temperatures that are less extreme, try the Domex Halo Superlite at only 800g for a  -3°C lower comfort rating.

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